KS2-invasions, settlements and kingdoms

Viking life
Why did the Vikings come to Britain? We discover the answer to this and other questions and look at the derivation and meanings of Viking names. Two children travel back in time to show the class what Viking children would have worn. We decipher some Viking messages that have been written using runes, discover which parts of Britain the Vikings lived in and make a Viking brooch to take home. Finally we take part in a Viking funeral.

Viking archaeology
A hands on archaeology workshop that investigates a range of real and replica artefacts including bones, jewellery, coins, pottery, bone utensils, metal and armour.

After handling and drawing the artefacts we discover what they are and what they can tell us about how people lived in Viking times.

We offer a full or half day experience for 1 or 2 classes

10.30-12.00 OR 1.00-2.30

Nottingham city schools £70 per session

Non City schools £80 per session


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Viking Statue
Viking Runes