Keep Smiling Through WW11

KS2 History: study of an aspect or theme in British History that extends pupils’ knowledge beyond 1066-a local history study.

The children travel back to the 1940s to become evacuees from bombing raids on Nottingham. They discover what their wartime lives would have been like with rationed food and clothing, gas masks and air raid shelters, and how to keep their spirits up even in those days of blackouts and shortages.

Rationing: including looking at original ration cards, a ‘daily ration’ of food.

Air raid: meet the air raid warden, sing some wartime songs, hear the air raid siren and look at original artefacts, including gas masks and tin helmets, while waiting for the all clear!

Dancing: learn the steps and dance to the tunes of popular music from the 1940s.

Individual sessions are available on request


Nottingham City schools £7 per pupil

Non City schools £8 per pupil


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