The principal function of Nottinghamshire Biological and Geological Record Centre (NBGRC) is to map the Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) for the SINC Panel. Another function is to map protected species and periodically to carry out whole county phase 1 surveys.

Invitation to tender for a freelance contractor to undertake scanning data collation and field recording of Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites [RIGS] in Nottinghamshire during 2016.

 The project comprises a number of separate tasks of which two principal elements consist of recording, with associated fieldwork, to undertake the following:

 Consolidate existing paper, cartographic and photographic records [ca. 274 in total] into a digital record of geological sites for the County, using a Microsoft Access Database for the purpose. The contractor will scan all original documentation into the consolidated record on NBGRC premises and archive the original records for efficient future retrieval as part of the historical record of the database created.

 The second element comprises taking the data collated to develop clear principles for the creation of a robust set of criteria for designation of RIGS sites within the County of Nottinghamshire, taking account of known criteria of partner organisations and adapting any relevant national criteria for the purpose. This will provide a strong basis for inclusion with local planning policies for partners, as currently exists for Local Wildlife Sites recorded by the Centre. Partners would require the criteria to be sufficiently robust to withstand challenge in the event of any future planning appeal or dispute.

 The task of development of those criteria is to be supplemented by site inspection of all of the potential 274 sites listed, with detailed field recording, mapping and photography of each to show the diagnostic features. All data recorded in the field is to be subsequently mapped to Ordnance Survey Mastermap, using the City Council approved GIS platform.

 These two tasks will be preceded by the development of a revised work programme to be agreed with the client, while regular reporting [on a monthly basis] will form an essential component of the programme.

The deadline for applications has now closed. More information will be announced shortly.


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