Darwin In Colour

KS2 Science: Change in living things over time, fossil record, adaptation and evolution

KS3 Science: Variation, natural selection, adaptation, extinction

KS3 History: Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’

In this session, students find out about the groundbreaking and controversial evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace which shook Victorian society.

They examine some of the evidence, starting with specimens from the fossil record, to piece together our planet’s story of environmental and physical change over millions of years.

They discover how species (including humans) have evolved through time in these changing environments by developing adaptations which enable them to reproduce and survive.

They closely examine a carefully chosen selection of our amazing specimens which demonstrate in depth one aspect of adaptation-the use of colour in nature, including camouflage, warning colours and mimicry.

Finally students consider what the next evolutionary steps might be for the human species.

10.30-12.00 or 1.00-2.30

Nottingham City schools £70 per session

Non City schools £80 per session

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